Is my company and customer information safe and confidential

The confidentially of the supplier’s information and non competition is clearly outlined in our formal agreement and we even specify to continue that commitment of non competition for one additional year if we decide to terminate our business relationship.

As your sales reps, you will set us up on your email system and we will email your contacts from your system with your email address. This way, your customers will always see your company name and email address from the beginning. Also, this way, you will know at any time exactly what is the status of each of your customers and you will have all the data on your system.

It is common in the US that a sales rep represents multiple products from different suppliers. The legal responsibility of the sales rep is to sell the products from a supplier to the contacts provided by the same supplier. Good sales people will make sales and they do not need to try to switch customers between suppliers.

Trying to switch sales from the contacts of one supplier to another supplier, is not only illegal and unethical, but it is impossible to control. Sooner or later, such practice will become public and once a sales rep loses his reputation he will lose all his business from all suppliers.